Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Okay then

well, I began to write the first part of Lift Off and scene one this morning. It felt good and I liked what I got. I’m going to try for a min of one scene per day. Two on the weekends, each day so that’s four. Two for Sat and two for Sunday. That way the story should be completed sometime Sunday. Then out comes the hard copy and the first edit gets done next week. The 2nd the week of the 25th and the 3rd and possibly finale edit gets done first week in Nov. I will have something going out, however in early Nov.that's for sure.
Also, I was fooling around with the Blogger template last night but the only changes I got were the stretching of my blog again.

I think I’m going to need to change the template anyway because I’m not able to insert other things into the sidebar like I want. Once this story gets published I want to have a space for an image link to the magazine (if online) where the reader can read the story there. If it’s in print media then I’ll provide a link to where the reader can purchase the copy/back issue of the magazine. I also want to have a link of a photo what I’m currently reading and listening to in the sidebar, so it’s not actually part of my blog where it can remain for as long as I need to. This template’s side bar is two narrow. That’s all for now.

e. Jim

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