Thursday, October 13, 2005


I went to bed last night around 2am fell asleep and got up around 6am and I think I got 3hrs. Then the usual, feed cats take insulin and all this time fireing up this extreamly slow computer.

I ended up progressing through Lift-off nicely and was getting a buzz off of what I got. At 738 words this morning or 1 scene. I’m in the beginning stages of things get worse, or 2871 words in the story. I might even end up finishing the story Friday and even with a hard copy by the time I’m done. The guidelines for WOTF:

Okay, I checked on their guidelines and the next contest quarter is in Oct-Dec.31st, Jan1st-March 31st, April1st-June29th, July1st -Sept29th I figured that if I kept the contest going from my early entries 1996 to present I think I would have been published before I won any spot in the contest. But if I kept right on going for 12 years, that would have been about 48 stories and one of those by now would have received publication or contest winner.

There are lots of Sf contests out there but most of them are closed right now and or
offer reading fee’s. I don’t mind paying $5-$10 bucks if the prize is substantial and the publication reputable. Submitting to half a doz contests might be worthwhile because I can submit multiple entries and at the same time to other contests.

Well, when I went back to bed after about 8amish, I had to get up several times to pee and then I woke up at noon. Uggh. Now after several coffee in me later I'm awake and ready to get ready for my night job. I'll collect my paycheck and head home so I can watch my wrestling and whatever is left over from the Oiler game.

I'm turning comments off because all I get is spam anyway but latter I'll be adding a guestbook to this blog and or people can leave submissions at my site at

That's all for now.


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