Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I didn't get to much done

yesterday I didn’t get to much time to Blog but this sort of makes up for it. I hope.

Last night (Mon)I went and signed up for t93 email list again but so far no emails has come in yet to my Inbox. I might have to register again and or find out to see if there has been anything new added from the t93 Homepage calendar of posts, so we’ll see how that end goes.
Also, yesterday morning and afternoon I went in and did a complete synopsis on Lift-off and found that I’ll be writing a whole new story. About 5k. First person.
I’ve got the basic plot down and I will be able to write it shortly and
there are a few more plot mechanics I need to rough out on it anyway.

I went into work and had a great night and came home watched he Oiler game and found out the game wasn’t on Channel 20 last night but 23 so I could have seen it yesterday in between RAW. Oilers lost 3-1 tonight. Mediocre goal tending and penalties did them in. I caught most of the 2nds period, so I was happy about that.

Anyway, I want a complete outline of LO before I begin to write it and I’ll most likely begin to write it this week and have the rough draft before the weekend is over.
I hope. But that's all for now. More latter.


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