Sunday, October 16, 2005


around with my template and adding links. I can add a link and at first it took me to my website no problems. Then I tried again and, nothing. I'll be playing around with this some more and I was rehearsing my FC lines for my bit for Thur night and I have more or less committed myself to working this week 1-9 except I'll be off Thur for the lodge. But even if I have a bad afternoon and Rob pulls me off my dialer, I can just sit back and find a corner somewhere and work on my story. I got access to the photo copier at work if I need to get out a few print outs.

Anyway, I'm still playing around with these codes trying to get an image in the sidebar. I got a reply from the Bloger Forum on how to do it and were to place images but I don't think I have the image path written properly. I took an example from the web and that didn't even turn out. I'll keep slugging away.

e. Jim

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