Sunday, October 23, 2005

Was getting

somewhat concerned there. I was able to get on Shaw tech support and my James_Shannon, email address wasn't picking up properly. Tech support suggested I uninstall some Norton, so I uninstalled the new anti virus and I couldn't install it back for awhile. So I went to bed and after listening to a bit of Coast I went back to the computer and inserted the Norton disk and it installed successfully. Happy days.

Also just before our pizza snack I was checking out for sci fi markets that accept email submissions and there are quite a few of them.

I went and did the first set of Lift-off type ins and made some cosmetic changes to the story. There are a few other items I want to check but by and large it's almost ready to go out the door. Email submissions are great because I save on #10 envelopes and IRC's. I also checked for formating changes and I formated the story except for font changes. Most places still want the email sub in New Courier but in rich text format.

Also, now that my email is okay, I can finally take the next step in Drupal.

That's all for now


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