Friday, October 21, 2005

Another great

night for me work wise. I even got a $100 credit card pulling in $195 worth of credit cards this week. Anne and I went in and I got a bunch of cans for tonight and a paper for Anne and my check with my hrs correct and my stat pay. I had a great night even though the Oilers lost against the Avs here. This is their 6th loss in a row. I think its also a historic footnote in their history. First time such a thing has happened I believe.

Anyway, I came home and watched the last of the Oiler game/loss and Anne should be home shortly. So this weekend I'm calling Shaw tech suppot to see what's happening with my email and why is it taking so long just to connect. It all started when I hooked up my Norton anti virus so I wounder if that has anything to do with it?

As soon as I have this figured out I can get into Drupal and start building my webpage. Or rather rebuilding my webpage. Also, of course I plan on working Lift off and giving that the once over. so it's not like I don't have nothing to do. That's all for now.


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