Saturday, October 15, 2005

Well at least

I got Lift-off finished and a hard copy out of the printer late last night. I also formatted the header and page numbering but the printer began to crimp some of the pages on the ends and on the sides and of course the alignment isnt working as well as it should on some pages. Not on all of them but some of the pages but I think this printer and toner should last me until Jan/06 when we are supposed to get out our resource checks and I can get that all in one printer scanner. But I'm not going to hold my breath for that anytime soon though. The printer I'm looking at is a Samsunng and it's a monochrome printer but I don't need color. Maybe for my diaries but I can get by with out it.

But I can't use this printer to send out a hard copy because of this alingnmet problem although I think I can print out individual pages especially the ones that are aligned properly and the ones that are cimped on the sides. Lift off is formated properly enough but the hard copy issue could be a huge problem for me. Regardless however I'm still going to get this out to a magazine and WOTF before the end of November if not sooner. So today, I'm giving Lift-off the once over and making changes on the screen and tighten up the plot elements etc. There are some major hurdles I need to address like how does one escape the blast of a sold rocket booster. I can answer all these lose ends easily enough but its going to require a lot of work.


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