Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can't sleep

seeing as how the cats will wake me up in about an hour anyway I may as well use this time and work on my writing. Last night at work, I ended up (in between calls) taking each scene and finding out how many lines per scene. I'm currently in the process of doing a line by line character POV check. I think this will be useful in not only story boarding the story but also will let me know where each character is in the story. With this chart I can then highlite which lines are dialogue and which are description.

Before I logged on here I made another post to bloger tech support called Template difficulties so lets see if I get any response with that. I think with this tech support they seem to be able to answer only one topic and one reply. I was lucky to get 2 in my first post but only one in my second.

I still have a few lines left for my speech for Thur but I should be okay. Easy enough to remember. Anyway, that's all for now.



Let's straighten this out:

What you call "Bloger Tech support" is just a "private" (or public) forum. Not related to Blogger whatsoever.

"They" (WE :-) ) are doing this to BE supportive ... but/or/and also for fun.

"They"(WE) are able to handle (and reply to) as many topics as we like (given the PRIVATE time we like to share with others)!


OK. Thanks for clearing that up.

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