Monday, October 31, 2005

I've got a bit of an

idea for "Cross Hairs" and I'm still developing it as I go along. I'm thinking I should have all the details down on paper by the end of the week and I could even begin writing on Thursday because I'm off Thursday for Lodge work but I want to put in a few afternoons this week as well. Probably Tues and Wed. I might even have the whole story written in one day if I have all the mechanics set up. I'll probably begin Wednesday night and go hard on the whole story and finish it by Thursday or Friday. Then I'll get out a hard copy and work at the story for a few weeks and get my next story ready for next month.

As far as I'm concerned webzines are paying markets. When I get about 3-5 stories published I should be able to have a nice body of working reference material to market to an agent and well on my way to my next stand alone novel before I begin work on "Starside" Ideally I want the stand alone novel to be written up and completed so I can have on my cover letter my publishing credits and the "first novel" completed. Maybe even have 2-3 novels completed and shop them around before Starside. That's about all for today.


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