Monday, October 10, 2005


currently listening to the Oilers at Anaheim. It’s in the 3rd period tied at 2. Interesting game tonight. It could go into a shoot out. Also I ended up doing some preliminary changes on Lift-off but then I checked the guidelines and they won’t accept a 1500 word story. 2000 words are their min so instead of a rehash of 1500 words which won’t work, I’ll use my 7 point plot outline to redo the story at 2000 words. I could write the story in one day and I might just do this tomorrow and fine tune it through out the rest of the month. Something is going out this month that’s for sure. Also.

I’m waiting for some email from M. Fisk on where to insert this html code from FM into my blogger Template. I think it goes into the side bar portion of the Template but I’ll wait to make sure. That’s all for now.


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