Friday, October 07, 2005

Are we having fun yet?

Okay I got permission to use the WIP bar as I might have mentioned earlier and I'm in communication with the owner of that program so I can incorporate it into my weblog and I want to buy the program.

I figure after I go through the paying markets and the sci fi webzines and the contests, then I go make the story available for copies in the fanzines. That’s my goal. As soon as I have 3 professional sales, I then go for the agent for the book. That doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up on the short story market either. The trick to submissions and not just sending them out in a half hazzard way is to see if they are open for submissions and to see if the story I send is a fit for their magazine. Other then the compitition, those are my 3 main obsticals in getting a profesional sale. But that's all for now. On to write more in ftf.


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