Monday, October 17, 2005


I got a reply back from blogger tech support about what to do to make the adjustments to my sidebar and there is some kind of a button I was supposed to cut and then paste by the link list. I cut the code out like they suggested and placed it in the appropriate area and when I saved the changes and republished, yikes, everything was moved at the bottom I think I left out a portion of the tags but I know where they are and I can insert them in but I want to wait to get a reply back from blogger. Maybe there is something else going on and can save me a reply back.

I went and fixed up where I went wrong in my template anyway but yeesh, look at what it gave me now!

I'm going to ask Ferris tonight at work if he can burn me a copy of Office 2005 and that way, I can use it with my 60 day trial version and move away from using Works word processor. It isn't bad but missing some of the good stuff Word uses already until I can save up and work towards using Word or Student Teacher Word.

Tonight I'm in at the office after a shaky weekend off which went from bad Friday night to recovery Saturday and that basically left me with only Sunday. Add the lousy night of sleep I had and let me tell you, I don't feel that great today. But my wrestling is on tonight and I'll enjoy that.

I made some minor editing changes on Lift-Off earlier today. I went and counted how many dialogue lines I have. There are 510 lines and 332 dialogue lines. I need to reduce those down. I discovered a neat trick in the story layout from one of the stories in the sci fi archives and instead of the #key add a line and some bold dialogue in the line. This way in each of the story segments I insert something to do with the story. But I'm going to enquire as to see if that boarders on the lines of plagurism.


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