Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh oh

I went and tried to change a few things on my website by trying to add a link to this weblog on an easier place to see it in the Home list of links but when I added the url it took half the page and my logo out. So, I PM Mark a message and I hope he is able to correct this when I come back home later tonight.

Anyway, I'm confident I know my material tonight so there should be no reason for me to get jittery. I hope we're out of there before 11pm at least and I hope it goes well.

Then I can concentrate on Lift-Off this weekend and have a nice relaxing weekend for a change. Anne is going to get us some beer this weekend if I get all my hours on my check tomorrow. I should get 15hrs plus my stat pay, so I should have about $150, which is still the same money I was making back in 1982. The diffrence is I had to spend 40hrs a week to get that. So I get in 40hrs/week what I get today putting in 19.5hrs. More time off and less work and the work isnt as hard and I get a weekly paycheck.

Also note the lack of enlarged text here. This is large enough for anyone and looks better and doesn't stick out like a soar thumb to boot. Also, I just got back from calling Neil my ride to lodge tonight and we're all ago.

e. Jim

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