Sunday, October 23, 2005

Just like

before, I'm looking at getting my logo up onto Drupal. I forgot to add the URL oops but I'm tired and I need to get some more sleep.

I think though with a few modifications Lift-Off is ready to go out the door. But I am going to create a story submission Blog for Lift-Off and a link in my sidebar. Hopefully I'll get a confirmation from an editor one way or another and I'll treat it like a blog, although the entries won't be like they are here. It might be once every couple of months or so depending on the frequency of response.

I'd also like a story index Blog. With this blog I can list the stories that are out there and which ones, have been published. Also, I can edit the Blog as well to keep it at a single page if I want to. Once a story exhausts the paying markets it goes out to the small press for copies.

Anyhow, its back to bed


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