Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My next

project here with Bloger is to have some text going on in my sidebar where I can in that body of text add a link to other pages. Also, I'd like to have story files or pages for my story submissions, rejections and stories published.

But today not much is going on except maybe more work on Llift off. But I got this speach to do tomorrow and I'll be glad to get that out of the way and just focus on my writing. After Lift-off I'm going to work on "The sign post" and I might even get up a graphic for that, now that I have the main stumbling block out of the way, which was the two links added to two posts now delted.

What I'd like to ultimatly do is to have a page for each story. A sort of like a what's new for each story. As the paying markets minimize then the story goes off to the small press. I could have say a folder over the years for each story that maes the paying markets etc. I'll only have a photo link to the paying markets and just a link to anything else. I don't know yet exactly.


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