Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Blog is looking better

all the time. I did some more market research earlier and I can send Lift Off out email but anything else for next month I want to send out "professionally." The ezines are nice and all but you never know how far up to date they are and many of them are here today and gone tomorrow.

But my goal is to write one story/month and I'm not yet done with "Face to face" either. Basically here are a short list of stories I plan on completing this year. "Lift-Off" is essentially done. "The sign post"needs revision, "High risk assessment" needs revision "Harbinger's watcher." So that's 5 stories.

"Underworld" is on hiatus right now but in January I plan on getting back to it. My goal this year is to get at least 3 stories published to paying markets and work on "Underworld" and search for an agent. I'll continue to publish short stories and work on the next novel/agent. I meightt have 5 novel submissions before I get my first novel published and 22 short stories.


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