Friday, October 14, 2005

That was a

nice surprise to find google earth working for me. I first learned about G/e when they showed shots from Hurricane sky-train last month. So I was able to locate my home town of Coquitlam BC and zero in on my old house on Reagan ave. and also New Westminster. It's totally changed now but of course 31 years will do that. Google earth isn't bad but it's not in real time yet and even though this is the beta test when it gets to the point where it can become real time accessible in real time, then I'll get excited but right now, it's nice. The thing too about real time especially in my home town where it rains all the time, where satellites can't real make it through cloud cover becomes a bit awkward. But it's a nice program to use once in a while. Who's it for? Probably just for the home user like me and maybe private investigators researchers, anyone.

Well, Anne found Norton Anti-virus 2005 at Wall-mart for just about $50 and after she eats she's going up to pick it up for me but I can;'t use it until she gets her reward points from work and she gets paid today anyway and the weekend begins today. Anyway, I've got about an hour here and I'm going to try and get something done on Lift-Off before I go into work. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to finish the story today but I will have it done on the weekend.

Anyway, I'm loving this Bloger program. How these folks can give it away for free is beyond me. Maybe they have their bult in addsense program. You get millions of people using this thing and if they say get a penny a click then there's a lot of clicking going around the Blogger world.

My website is the portal for the rest of the links. I could have a hundred pages if I want to and each template a link to something else. Right now. I'm not getting a lot of traffic because well, there is nothing there. Everything is waiting for content. Coming soon.


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