Monday, October 24, 2005

Man, did I sleep good,

when I got up at 6am, I slept from 2-5:30ish and gradually woke up to feed the cats. When I went back to bed I slept until Anne got up. I saw her out of the corner of my eye as she was ready to do a bottle run but she hasn’t come back yet. So I slept from when she left up until noon. I think I had at least 7 hrs and possibly 8. I have an hour on line here before I have to get ready to do the job thing and my wrestling tonight.

I found Franks FC degree material in my email he sent me and it was complete. Somehow my printer failed to print the about 3 and a half lines, which I forgot and through me off when I did the part. So I went and found the part in my email and when were ready to do the FC again in Feb I’ll have those parts down. But today, I’m going to try and create another Blog from Blogger. This one fellow had replied and had about 25 blogs. So it is possible. I don’t know what to do with Drupal yet. Last night I had it up and running. I tried to get my logo in there and I had problems uploading the file.
Also, I have a few things to go over and then ”Lift-Off” is going out the door to one of the ezines. I don’t know which is the best paying ezines market and researching this is my main holdup. Most of them don’t pay very well if at all but at least it puts me back in the game. That's all for now


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