Saturday, October 08, 2005

I love it when technology, just works

and hate it when it doesn't. I forget exactly what time it was I went to bed but it was shortly after 3am and I believe I slept but it was un easy, good, uneasy, etc. But I did get the rest I needed.

One thing I want to do today or this weekend is to change my template on my weblog in eB but I don’t want to lose all my data at the same time. I also want to hook up my W98 PC and email all of those stories and diaries over onto this system. I don’t know about printing out all the diaries but the stories, sure. I want to print them off but not all of them today.

Also, I want to get a hold of Mark and see if he can upload a photo to my website armed with the same code he gave me and insert a picture from the server end. Lets see if her's going to have the same problems I'm having, or had. It depends on how ambitious I feel later today. I like the idea of setting up my W98 machine and getting everything transferred over. That I can do because I have no burner software on that system and my stories are on the other system.

I just finished unhooking my old system and emailing a lot of short stories some diaries and even a couple of novels but my email is back-logged because Norton has to go through everything so I don’t know how much of it got through. Outlook is still processing those sent items. So far, 5 came in. Correction 12 items came in. I even brought over Ace Valorous and Rouge behavior. RB needs as much work as Ace does but I still might do something with them yet. Hard to say. 13 items now. I even found Lift off and The signpost. If I had a scanner I would be able to scan in other stories but at least I got them and it looks like Dark Intruder as well. Ace and Rouge are novels.

I got all the documents over I emailed 12 stories. In their rough draft of course plus a few diaries as well. Not bad for an afternoon. I’m just going over reformatting Dark Intruder and I’ll have to reformat everything else as well. It’s a lot of work ahead of me.


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