Saturday, October 29, 2005

Working on the

very early parts of a novel concept. have I abandoned short stories? No. But I think this next project of mine is going to take my writing to the next level. It's a proposed 10 vol SF series in the Space Opera genre. This morning I came up for the overall premise of the story, although I'm going to layout more on book one. I'll only go onto book two if the first book gets published.

I got Rouge behavior, Ace Valorous, from email to word processor but there is a lot of work left to do on anyone of them in order to get them into my 3 act play format.

I was also reading an intetrview earlier by Dave Duncan and he began publishing at the age of 52 when he got his start living in Calgary.

Since I first dabbled in writing novels, back in 1986 at Cobogo warehouse on that old portable typewriter, I churned out Zyphrium rising, which ended up being about 800 plus pages I recall. I probably have mentioned it in my diary. Good God, even I cant even read my handwriting at the time. After that fiasco, I began other projects like Meltdown done on the Atari sx computer. I still have three 3.5 floppies but I don't think I can recover the data from those disks but I recall I have it typed out something like 250 pages. There was also Oreils bridge, and one or two others that didn't relay go anywhere but Anne went and packed all that stuff up and I can't get at it right now.

But Ace Valorous was the first real novel I did and finished the rough draft. It taught me a few things that I can write and finish a novel. Rouge behavior, which I have on file also confirmed I can write and finish a novel. Underworld taught me that I can write finish and print out a hard copy. Now I'm onto my next work. I still won't abandon short stories as short stories especially on the web are useful tools to promote my writing better then the small press ever can. If they like the story the webzine will have my website and they can access that to find out what's new.
I think webzines have wonderful potential for writers to not only get their work known but also expand their audience.

Anyhow, this next series is planned out to be 10 vol but I also plan on writing other stand alone books as well in between this series.

But tonight, I'm going to relax latter and watch the Oiler and Calgary game on TV but that wont be until about 8pm or so. That's all for now.


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