Sunday, October 09, 2005

Big printing day as

I formatted the rest of Dark Intruder and also The Signpost. I sent that out to a few magazines and I think even Orson Scott Card scribbled something on one of the rejection slips “To much Dux Machina.” (Hand of God) After formatting the story again, 10 years later today, I finally got the story printed off double space but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the story itself. Right now it’s setting at 7652 words and I want to trim that down to just under 5k before I can send it out again. Of course some of the tech is dated, which I need to change as well. Basically I need to do a complete rewrite and find out where this DM stuff is and correct that.

Big Sports day tomorrow. At 11am (yeah like I’m going to be up at that hour) is the Eskimo’s football game on TV. Then there’s Monday night RAW and also another Oiler game. There first on the road facing the Ducks. I doubt they’ll win that one and I’ll be surprised if they do. So I’ll be watching wrestling and I’ll channel surf when they have those 5min commercials of theirs and check in on the hockey game.

On the other end of the email submission of mine from yesterday containing The Signpost was another story I almost forgot about- "Rift" and I need to format that again as well. That story never saw a rejection letter but all of these stories will be going out soon.

I might begin to leave comments on and of course I can edit them. Sift out the good from the spam. Anyhow, suppertime is almost here and I want to check on my email and do a bsl reading. So that’s all for now. If you want to leave a comment, go ahead but I’ll be editing out the spam.


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