Sunday, October 16, 2005


I got the graphic installed but not to where I want it but at least it's a start. It's located at the bottom of the page. Also I got the link so I'm doing pretty good. I didn't get much done on Lift-off today but this weekend is the cooling off period for the story. I'm going to read it now and make some small changes and work it as I go along.

Tomorrow, I'm determined to go in at 12noon for the afternoon shift. I'm going to do this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I'll probably go in for Thursday morning, Friday pm and also for Friday night. Or 31.5hrs for the week so I have enough funds for insulin and to pay Mark and get that WIP bar program ($10 bucks) from Mary Fisk. I also want a cell phone as well. Right now though I'm watching for Blogger support so I can figure out what's going on with the image. More later. Excellent tech support.


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