Thursday, October 20, 2005

Got most of

my part for tonight memorized. I might stumble a bit near the end but I should do okay. So I'm off tonight from work but I got that part to do in the lodge so that should be okay and my part only takes about 5 min to go over.

I did some research last night on solid booster rocket fuel and I added "freeon" into the mix and exposure to this can account towards the hallucinations.

Other then this not much to talk about today. I was going over some older newbie forum posts to find any goodies I missed because I hadn't arrived at Bloger until just a few weeks ago. I found a couple of things and some ideas. My main thing right now is to get those two graphic images more flush to the right and other items as well flush to the right of my sidebar.

Still no word in yet from my last post on adding text to the sidebar. It's probably an obvious question anyway and I atempted to place text anyhow and it worked, so I guess I just answered my own question. Also, I would like to have a drop down menu bar labeled categories that lead me to other blog pages. I have a php button on my website vut I doubt that will work for me in Bloger. There are lots of things I'd like to do but one step at a time.


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