Sunday, October 16, 2005

So I need to have

an image link in my sidebar. Yesterday I signed onto the Blogger Forums. I also got a PM from Mark this week and I answered him about renewing my domain name for the $12 a year and I asked him about the monthly payment and he replied back that as long as I keep posting in the forums then he’s not to worried. I like that. So far no reply about the Blogger sidebar images. I know it can be done where these are placed though is another matter. Also, I'd like to have my photo and or where it says "About me" closer to the blogs description. To much white space around.

Today I’m going to search for 6 Sci fi short stories in the 5k word length area and compare then with mine. I want to be able to identify where I’m adding to much dialogue. Basically I need a short story template. I already have the “formula” for writing a short story and I certainly know more or less, how to write one. I just need a Template of sorts and I can look to the net for that.


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