Friday, September 30, 2005

Trying the font level and

Well, I’ve got a Photobucket account and I’m going to try this and see what it can do for me. Tomorrow and clear and work the archives. That’s all for now.

e. Jim

New Orleans Mayor says 'Google Me'
We've all heard how pervasive the use of 'google' as a verb has become. But yesterday's remark by New Orleans Mayor Nagin is somehow still an attention-getter. Everyone now aspires to have solid Google-stature, ...
Enjoyable site. I'll be back. I'll bookmark it.

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BBC site wins e-democracy honour
The website has helped community campaigns since 2003 The BBC's grassroots campaign website, Action Network, has been honoured as the top politics and internet "world changer" of 2005, for the third year in a ...
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American Politics are Killing Progress
Major issues are being ignored, as a conflicted public bickers. Those of us who have not grown completely apathetic to our republic's politics, spar about war in Iraq, our government's response to natural ...
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