Friday, September 30, 2005

I don't get out much

but lots of people in the sci fi community are getting pumped up for a movie just in the theaters this week called Serenity. Premier release today at Silver City. I’ll wait until Feb when it comes to the dollar theater. At $11.77 and all the other amenities that go along with it movies are expensive. Well, round it up to $12/ticket it adds up. There’s an expense to this. I mean if I just went by myself to the movie I’d make it into a shopping trip of some kind. Basically get the preverbal Chinese food at the food court and that’s another $5 and then a drink at the movie. That’s almost $20 bucks and still that’s not too bad. Concert tickets like when Santana was herelast weekend ran about $40 bucks. So what's the big deal? But there are very few movies that are worth seeing these days anyway. Other then the last Star Wars movie, James Bond and maybe Serenity, that aunt too bad. The last time we were at Silver City to see a movie was when Anne had the car and that would be in April of 2002. At least. We miss that. Serenity for us will have to wait until it comes to the dollar theater and that won't be until about Feb of next year but lately she's been wanting to get out more and now that I have Sat off we will once our bills are caught up. So we might have a bit of Seenity next month after all.

e. Jim

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