Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Next week....

.....I’ll be putting more hours in at work it’s going to cut into my writing a bit but not by much. The current plan is to work on one short story idea/month and I will be mostly writing on the weekends. I’m still going to have every other Thursday off (lodge night) even if there isn’t an emergent meeting. Underworld will be a long term project but for the most part I will perfect my writing craft in the short story genre. Face to face being the next story for consideration. That will be ready to write Oct.22nd. Reason for this is the emergent meeting won’t be until Oct 20th. And once I have the part done and have it out of the way, I won’t be doing anymore parts for awhile and I will focus on my writing.

By this time next year Underworld would have been completed and ready for the agent market and hopefully by this time next year I will have some stories published as well. Time do some more blogging and other stuff.

e. Jim

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