Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Work went well and I had a....

... pretty good night at work and Will and I negotiated my hrs and I will put in Mon-Fri and my weekend begins at 8:30pm. Woo whoo. Also, I can work on my writing in between calls and if I have a slow afternoon and they pull me off my dialer well, I just relax at work and work on my writing and or listen to music, whatever. Of course this means I will have to bring my insulin to work with me and also it will allow me to have an extra $150/week left in just pocket money, and that’s after all my bills are paid for. That will get me just about $600 in just mad money/month. Also this will get me on the medical plan and I like that. That means all my diabetic supplies will be covered and my dental and optical etc. The medical kicks in 3 months after a consistent 31hrs. So I use my weekends to write. Also this allows me to go to the lodge once amonth/twice a month when we have emergent meetings.

And when they need to pull me from my dialer because I’m short their line hour that’s ok. Anything more then the 20 hrs I do anyway is just gravy. The best part is I have a full time job again with my weekends off and that so called $400 dividend check I can apply that to something nice as I was going to use it for some eye ware but thanks to the possibility of that check it will allow me to get some toys.
So if Rob pulls me, eh so what. I’ll have my lunch and take my insulin and relax and work on my writing. Anne won’t like it because we’re not able to go into work with each other anymore but we still will have the weekends together and I’ll be able to sleep in a little bit. This will work out good for everyone and extra money for Anne and I if we say need some extra groceries and or if I want to take her out to a dinner and a movie a couple of times a month. That's all for now.

e. Jim

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