Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I left out

of here at 4pm and caught the train. I think the train driver is playing games with me because he can see late arrivals coming up the escalator from his rear view mirror. So if I turn to catch the last car, he’ll shut the doors and take off. But if I go right off the escalator a few feet away he’ll wait. Yesterday on the commute into work, I tested out this theory and went for the car right off the escalator. I noticed he hung around and didn’t leave right away but allowed others to catch the last car. This afternoon, I’m going to attempt to catch the last car, see what happens.

I got my seat and cracked open my book, Ps. Just slightly past the halfway mark. I’m most likely going to get into the 2nd part as soon as I complete reading this. “Judas Unchained.” Another monster book at 1,008 pages. I should have Ps, completed b the end of this month. I hope. “JU” by the end of September. The that’s it for huge books for awhile.

So far I’ve read:

1.) The New Space Opera
2.) Undertow
3.) Solar winds
4.) Night Train to Rigel
5.) Pandora’s Star
I hope to read next:
6.) Judas Unchained
7.) Helix
8.) Fast Forward

I hope to read 10 books this year. I read about 1/6th of what I actually buy. Three out of those 10 books were short story collections. Most likely the last 2 books will be Fantasy because I haven’t read any Fantasy this year. I’m eyeing on my shelf a Forgotten Realm’s omnibus trilogy but it’s a huge book and after Fast forward, I think I’m going to get right into this series.
Now if I had a security guard Job I could certainly read a lot more. In theory that is.
So, last night I got into work a little bit early as the shift was just winding down. Nobody said anything to me but in Moe’s kick off he said something about missing Saturdays etc. I told JT Pittsburg was going to win tonight. He said something like “they look like they have nothing left in the tank,” I had a pretty good night, pulling in a couple of credit card sales. I called Audrey’s books asking if they could stop the Vanguard order but he said if I continue to cancel book orders they might request a deposit on future orders. Good point. Let em go. I don’t need to continue with them. I ordered the 4 EverQuest novels and 4 of the Warcraft novels. And some others but they weren’t available. The first 3 Stardoc series were in by S.L. Viel. I ordered those. I continued on with my work. At break Anne called and we had a talk. With half an hour to go in the shift, I was flying, pulling in sales left and right. One caller updated me on the game, going into OT, tied at 3. I knew it. I called Audrey’s back and some of the book series I had to say no to because they were broken series. I ordered the 2 EverQuest books because they were stand alones. I ordered the first 4 Warcraft books and the 3 Stardoc books. So far at Audrey’s I’ve got 16 books on order. I’m still waiting for the Jack Vance books. A lot of these books won’t come in all at once. I’ve got 2 of the Star Trek books there. At American pricing, I may as well take advantage, right? I doubt even Amazon books are US pricing.

I ended up with a pretty good night pulling in 4 credit cards and $485 for top total. I doubt I’ll get the $15 bonus from last week. If all credit cards kick in from last week I’ll have $32 from credit card sales plus $15 for $47. If I get $47, then great. Now watch because Rob uses me as a yardstick he’s going to say something like, “In order to qualify for your credit card bonus you must be hear for all your shifts.” That’s the next water down in this credit card thing. He already watered it down by saying we need 12 for part time and 20 for full time to qualify. The 2nd water down will be based on attendance. And that will probably be announced this month sometime. He likes making it harder and harder for people to get bonuses around here. This is a good job. It’s fun and easy to do and for the 4 hours I put in, I’m half expecting the bottom to fall out at anytime. I’ve been on the gravy train for the last several years.

I was glad to get out of the office. I hadn’t got a lot of cans or bottles along home with me except for what Lucianne gave me. He’s been extolling the virtues of Ebay for awhile now and apparently they are safe and secure. He says so is Amazon and most likely cheaper then Audrey’s with free shipping. Yeah but still at Canadian pricing. I got the train home, ever mindful on my way past the old five oaks location and the party we had afterwards upon our return from Vancouver 29 years ago. We didn’t have our big celebration until Tuesday night of that year. I recall light rain in the evening.

Tonight it’s off to work and I’ll put my 4 hours in. No hockey book ordering or anything like that. It’s just 4 hours in and out.

Anyway Bloggers, that’s all for now

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