Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I got out of here

not needing to shut the place down as Anne went out for a bottle run. I got to the train platform as there was no train yet but one was coming on it’s way. I boarded the last car and read some more. Maybe 2 pages. Possibly 4 so far this evening. I had a slow start to the shift. On the bonus sheet, I’ve got $15. No credit card sales? I had about $300 at break. It was a slow night doing multi files all night. I got 1 credit card sale. Anne called in the 2nd half and I got another credit card sale. That’s half of what I qualify for. I got Greg’s attention and all the credit cards I got 16 last week, all went through ok. Most likely what happened because I took Saturday off Rob accidentally Rob “forgot” my credit card bonus this week. He’ll correct it again for next week so they’ll show up next week. Typical. Moe and I made up and were friends again. That’s good. He said he’d look into the missing credit card thing for me. So next week, I should have 12 more credit card sales for this week plus the 16 from last week. That’s $56 plus this week when this Stanley Cup playoff finally ends that’s another $35. That’s $91. I can use that towards my external hard drive. I walked across the parkade and down to my train. There was J, the other East Indian fellow that said hello to me. Nice fellow. He’s living in Clairview now and in a 2 bedroom Condo forking out $1300 month to rent. And Anne’s complaining about our $815?

Of course as we got on out of the tunnel and passing by Richards place, I was mindful of the event 29 years ago. Funny, by the end of the week Ellen broke up with me. The week after that was Sherwood park Medieval days.

I boarded my bus at 9:40pm and I was home as Anne was cleaning in the apartment. Everything is right with the world. Other then what she has to do tomorrow.

Over the last week the Weather Pixie has been turned off. They say they are having troubles with their hosting company. I hope they will be back online soon. It’s a nice service.
My 56th Birthday will be August 21st this year on a Thursday night. My wife wants to replace the money she used from my income tax return and add a bit more to get me a PS3 as a birthday present. Also, Summerslam this year is August 17th. Hopefully I’ll have the pay per view and a Rosebowl Pizza. And a PS3. That’s a nice birthday present.

Some 12 hours later: I didn't go to bed this morning. I was kind of stressed out over my wife’s mammogram today. She returned moments ago. She said it wasn't as bad as it sounded. No worse then taking ones blood pressure. She knows what to expect for next time.
So tonight it's do or die for the Pens. I hope they win tonight and force a game 7, if they do then I get to watch the Stanley Cup game Saturday night. That'd be great. Let's go Pens. It doesn't matter what teams are in the playoffs. It's excellent hockey.

I decided not to go to Lodge Thursday as I want to go to our annual Lodge BBQ on Sunday. I've never been to one of these before. I also want to put a full work week in as well while I can.
I‘m enjoying a nice first coffee here today. Speaking of, which it‘s Tim Horton’s Camp Day today and I think I‘ll go get myself a nice medium size coffee and a donut. This is one charity I really feel good about supporting. Among others but this one is kind of special.

It’s a beautiful sunny spring afternoon. Anne‘s going to her job at her usual time, rent‘s paid up and bills are taken care of. Now if the Pens win tonight I‘ll be able to watch the Stanley Cup game on Saturday.

Anyway Bloggers, that’s all for now

e. Jim

glad you got out!
did your wife get you that ps3? :)
Phew, good to see you've gotten over that!
i hope your wife got you that ps3 my dude
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