Monday, June 02, 2008

I did a lot of

JFK research Sunday. This is not a site for JFK assassination research. See "mission statement" in photo block. I found the address of the Oak Cliff Library Oswald would have attended but the Police dispatcher reports give the 500 block of Jefferson but the library was at Marsalis and Jefferson. If the Oak Cliff Library Oswald went to was indeed at M&J then Oswald (if that was him that killed Tippit) Oswald was heading to one place and one place only: Jack Ruby’s apartment. There is the story that Jack mailed photographs of Dallas Police cars to Traficanti in Chicago I think the story goes and apparently had a car built for the sole purpose of transporting it to Dallas to transport Oswald? But I think that story like James K Andrew's is a bit far fetched.

I really wanted to go in for this morning but I’m lazy and tired. Besides nobody cares if I’m there at work or not. Just as well. Anyway, it’s almost time for bed.

Almost all day I’ve been doing JFK research. I’ve got back a few replies about the James K Andrew’s thread. I’m inclined to discount his story. O also think I narrowed down the Oak Cliff public library for 1963 as it was apparently on Marsalis and Jefferson. This was one of LHO’s regular haunts in Oak Cliff in 1963. Yet if he was somehow mixed up in the Tippit shooting to place him at 10th & Patton what was he doing there if not going to the Library? He’s in the opposite direction if the theater factors into this part of the case. He’s way off base. That leads to only one possible conclusion. But I’m not ready to admit that yet. I also posted on JFK Lancer a post about Troy Lee Davis. Husband of Virginia Davis.

I wanted to go into work early for this morning but I don’t know. I think I’ll just go into my regular hours. One thing I’ve got to do for today is to stop the order for those Vanguard Star Trek books. I want the Warcraft EverQuest novels over and above the Star Trek books.
Speaking about posting and such, I’ve got a thread on Edmonton Connect about Edmonton Photo’s for downtown Edmonton from 1975-1980. I would prefer aerial photos for the area of where I work.

Also while doing JFK research yesterday it dawned on me to check the New Westminster Library telephone book for 1974-75 for tax businesses along Carnarvon street. This would get me the name of the income tax business that was living on top of. I’ve got a 1948 image of the Bench and Gavel building and it looks like nothing like it did in 1974-5. But I need access to telephone books for those years.

Some 12 hours later: A really nice looking day out there. I got about half a dz responses to the Edmonton photo’s. A really old one which looks like it’s from the 1940’s and one from the era I need but to far East for my use. Some good resources as well. Anne kind of wants me to stay home tonight. We have our rent money, she just need to go to the office and take care of that before she goes to work. What with me missing Saturday and all I can’t realistically justify missing 2 days off even though my wife has to go in for that mammogram tomorrow.

I had a lousy sleep over night. I ended up at 5am to do the cbi thing. I’m no worse for wear. Tonight could be the Stanley Cup game and I have $70 bucks riding on this thing. Greg and I agreed we’d split the difference anyway. Also, Raw is on tonight in the aftermath of No Way out. So I don’t mind going to work. Greg will pay me tomorrow if the Red Wings win the Cup tonight.
I got up about 5am like I said and did the cbi thing only to read more from Ps. It’s really getting good at this point. Speaking of, which I just passed the halfway point of the book. Also tonight, I need to call Audrey’s. If I can cancel those Vanguard books I will for the Warcraft ones. Get the early Warcraft books before they go out of print while I can.

Anyway Bloggers, that’s all for now

e. Jim

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