Sunday, June 01, 2008

hey, it's a new month

and the lilacs are still in bloom. Meteorologists are calling for rain for most of next week, I love it when it’s raining and the lilacs are in bloom.

It would be about this time Richard and I would be in Vancouver 29 years ago attending SCA classes with our packed luggage and our booty. Our hots (I can’t recall her family’s last name but her name was Kelly) provided us with breakfast and we went to the SCA classes on siege warfare or something. I took notes and was attentive as much as I could be. Richard and I barely caught our bus leaving the greyhound bus station with a few minutes to spare. I think he wanted to remain there. He was kind of into Kelly. She might have been the same age as Ellen and by now Kelly would be in her early 40’s. I got to thinking as I got up out of bed about 20 minutes ago, if Richard ever looked her up and if they got together when he settled in the Kitsilano area of West Vancouver in 1983? Funny, I’d only thought about this now.

On tap for today: See if any enquiries as to my JFK newsgroup community came through on my James K Andrews topic. Check my blog rounds, have brunch, download that Open Source program mentioned yesterday, do some more reading on PS. I’ve just reached the halfway part of the novel. I want to do some piano stuff as well.

Right now, I’m onto my first coffee. Mostly cloudy out there with some sunny breaks.

Tomorrow, I hope the Wings burry the Pens and end this playoff round. Before the game began yesterday Ron MacLean had a sit down chat with Gary Bettman about the stat of the NHL. Interesting. I came in around the middle of the interview so I didn’t hear him say anything about Canadian NHL expansion. Especially now with our dollar on par with the US.
Canadian NHL expansion isn’t even on life support anymore. I would love to see: Winnipeg, Hamilton and Quebec City get franchises. Even Seattle and Portland to make it 35 teams. Lets be done with hockey so we can get on with the draft and the trades and the rest of summer.
Tomorrow I go into work. I’m almost inclined to go in for Monday morning just so I can stay home and watch the Stanley Cup game and all this week do mornings. I can always do an evening shift if Rob wants to send me home because my totals are low. Or the afternoon shift. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll go in for the morning shift.

I knew stat counter was down on my Blogger account and now it's down on my website. Most likely undergoing maintenance. Weather Pixie has been down all week same over at Blogger. Strange.

Anyway Bloggers, that’s all for now

e. Jim

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