Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm considering

using my Blogger account more often. So this was posted from earlier. Blogger has some nice features missing from Geeklog.

Leaving out the apartment yesterday afternoon I felt pretty good. I brought my list of books I want to order from Audrey’s. The 4 “Hal Spacejock” books. I like ordering 3 books at a time. My book ordering guy tells me that Amazon is pretty good indicator for finding what if any books are in print.

I got my dialer at work and Darrel sit with me. I didn’t say a word to Moe. I just ignored him. I had a pretty good Wednesday night pulling in 4 credit card sales. Love it. I had a couple of near misses but I got 11 so far out of the 12 I need to qualify. 12+ would be better. I had a good night getting updates on the game. I got a bunch of bottles and cans as well. We won the credit card sales bonus for the night. $15 each. I’ll have almost $40 bucks.

I had a nice relaxing train ride home getting in about 9:40pm.
Anne made me hotdogs and fries for lunch and I have a sleep time tea here I’m nursing on. Hopefully this will help put me to sleep.

While listening to Coast George read an excerpt from the “Director” (I can’t recall what the official title was ) of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider or LHC. In a press release the Director said the world doesn’t have to worry about the world coming to an end or anything like that. George said that the LHC will be turned in next month. In June? Wow. That’s when I got to check online this afternoon, to see of there’s a countdown clock of some kind. Sure enough, there is and it’s 40 days, 8 hours away as of this writing that means, Sunday July 9th. Most likely the first couple of attempts won’t provide any Earth shacking news. But with the LHC Physicists hope to have the right tool to locate the Higgs boson partial which theorists hope will provide missing links in the Standard Model of physics and could explain how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass. Out of the LHC as if that isn’t exciting enough, Physicists hope to be able to create mini-black holes that lasts for micro of seconds and even wormholes. There are some interesting spin off applications of the LHC, such as The Grid that will make the Internet 1,000 times more faster. The Grid should come on line in about the fall of this year but I doubt we’ll be able to use it right away.

The Pen’s of course won their game #3 at home. No kidding. The next game is on Saturday. I’m getting $20 bucks for my allowance. Plus the $15 COH, That’ll give me $35 and I can get all 3 of the Star Trek books, Friday after work. During lunch Anne suggested I take Saturday off. Damn that’s a good idea. I hadn’t had a Saturday off in like 10 weeks. I’ll go in Friday afternoon and work the afternoon shift and the evening shift. Go pick up my 3 books and I’ve got the weekend off.

My wife is going in for a mammogram test on Tuesday and we’re a little worried about the results. Hopefully the next day they will be favorable for her.
Currently on Coast: UFO Special From 11pm-1a PT, researcher & filmmaker James Fox updates his latest work investigating French ufology. He'll be joined by a surprise witness. From 12a-2a, author Richard Dolan discusses UFO secrecy and confrontations. Should be a pretty good show.

I’m kind of excited about CERN’s LHC when it comes online and what physicists hope to find. Now I’m not a Physicist but I still find the topic interesting. That’s be awesome if they discover the Higg’s boson right away or often referred to as the Higg’s Field (HF). Would the HF rip a hole in the Space-time? Stephen Hawkings doesn’t think physicists will find the HF. We’ll know after 39 days.

Anyway Bloggers, that’s all for now

e. Jim


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