Saturday, May 31, 2008

I locked everything up

out of here heading into work but I missed my bus and I got to the train and the train took off as soon as I pressed the button to open the doors. That’s the 2nd time this week. I got to work late but that’s ok. Again Moe’s taking the silent treatment pretty hard. Not that I haven’t made an effort. I’m off for an unschedualed Saturday and you know what, I don’t give a damn. I had a good night sitting with JT. I ended up with $385 on the night and a couple of credit card sales. I won’t get the $15 team credit card bonus because I’m off today. Other then my insulin in the morning, I’m sleeping in.

I got a small collection of bottles and cans after leaving the office I headed out to Audrey’s and got my only Star Trek book. I tried to order the Hall Spacejock books but the postage is going to kill me. I already have The Demon Princes books on order and they as omnibus books and the postage on those will kill me even more when they come in. We checked the Bard’s Tale books and unfortunately they are all out of print. I ended up ordering instead The first 3 Star Trek Vanguard series. They are not the original characters or anything but the books are in the same Universe. I’m also going to collect my Star Wars (books) again, less the Young Jedi Knights series. Actually, I’m going to forgo the Vanguard series for Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars: Thrawn Omnibus instead. I tried ordering Star Trek Enterprise but the series is partially out of print.
I had a nice quiet train ride to Clairview and Anne called again as I just got on the bus. I wanted to do some reading but no such luck. I got home did my admin stuff and Anne called saying she put the rent money in the bank. The first month since we got married that we didn’t have the $300 allowance. This helped pay for half our rent. That’s gone. But we’re okay. We both have jobs and getting by. Also we have $300 sitting here stored away for next month.

Blogging for me was a washout yesterday. I ended up doing some JFK research. I’m researching James A Andrew. This fellow tells a story of how a JD Tippit (moments before the policeman was killed) moved his Police car ahead of Andrew's car to block him off. Tippit ran out of his car holding up his hand looked in the front of Andrew's car through the glass and in the back seat and proceeded to get back in his car and move about his business. Whatever that was. Odd how this fellow wasn’t called to testify before the WC. Andrew said he recognized Tippit's name plate on his uniform. Even odd still how come nobody eve asked what kind of car Andrew drove? Odd even still was the location of this incident. If we knew what kind of car Andrew had at the time, this might have given us some insite as to the finale moments of JD Tippit's life. That would have given us a clue as to why Tippit pulled over this car above any others. I wonder if the newsgroup knows anything?

I don’t think I’ll take the pill over night. I’m tired enough as it is. I’ll save that for tonight and I’m going to head into bed as soon as I can.

Another book series I’m considering is the Everquest and Warcraft books. I've played Everquest about 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. Warcraft looks good but the characters look a little cartoony for me.

Twelve hours later: Anne gave me that pill about 3:45am and I took it after all. I went to bed and after 3am listened to a bit of George and Richard Hoagland. Good stuff. The space shuttle is supposed to launch today at 5:02pm EDT. They were talking about that today. This current module is named KIBO and the payload fills up the entire shuttle bay. It’s the size of a school bus.

On tap for today, I’m working on CH a bit and some more research on James Anderson and other stuff. I need to call Audrey’s books to cancel an order for another one instead.
I woke up about 5:30am to do the cbi thing and stumbled back to bed. At 6pm I’m watching game #4 of the Wings/Pens game. Of course a Pens victory. The Stanley Cup series is so predictable.

Anyway Bloggers, that’s all for now

e. Jim

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