Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Thursday

Relic Hunter was pretty good this afternoon. I had some trouble locking the place up getting all the cats inside. Anne forgot to make me a lunch but I think she didn’t have time. I got outside with a brief wait. I catch the bus just after 4pm. This way I avoid all the kids getting off school. Weather wise it was a bit on the humid side of things this afternoon. I got in and scooped up my end dialer. Rob was a bit shaken up because his Son had his Ipod stolen right from his desk. Lucianne keeps asking me if I called the Dentist from the number he gave me. I got some bottles and cans. I thought I’d be the bigger man and kind of come to Moe and carry on like nothing happened asking him if he would make an announcement about the Ipod incident but he just gave me a dry cold stare of contempt and walked away. I got to get out of that place. Kick off. I had a pretty good start with Winnipeg ASB and no credit card sales. JT and Sundeep weren’t there. Anne called me at break and had a decent total at break. I collected more cans and bottles.

After the brake I began to get credit cards. I got 3 on the night for my 12+ Actually 14 on the week, so if any of them kick out, it gives me a cushion and there’s always Friday night to get a few more. But if the $15 bonus from credit cards comes into play and the $28 in credit card bonuses, that should be $43 in bonuses, so far but because I’m taking Saturday off Rob might not pay me. The thing is, Once you collect 30 credit cards, that becomes $4, which could be $120 in bonuses. Some of those guys are getting $800 pay cheque’s for one week! Of course they’re like getting $11/hour but they are working like 62 hours/week, clearing $5-600/week. That’s like working every shift/day. Crazy but they’re getting a lot of crap from Rob in the process. Getting those credit cards sales isn’t easy.

I was glad to get out of there 9am and had a bit of a ride with Smarky to Central and a seat by myself back. There was a concert there at Rexal of some kind. It’ll show on the news. If I get $20 for my allowance, then great. I’ll have enough for the festive board for Lodge next week. I met the Security guard Moe on the bus at Clairview on the way home. The clouds were just beautiful this evening, covered in dark gold and blue backgrounds. Moe said he’d get me an application from the guard company tomorrow. I’m just thinking, what I’d like to do is work, Monday-Friday at Xl, but afternoons only and do the security guard job evenings. This way I still keep Xl and my weekly pay cheque. Anyway, that’s all right now. I’ll most likely edit this post before work.

Anyway Bloggers, that’s all for now

e. Jim


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