Saturday, November 03, 2007

The rest of Saturday

I didn’t leave myself a lot of room to get out of here just before 9am and even though it was a bit on the cooler side this morning I managed to have a brief wait for my bus and was on the train and into work about 9:20am and my breakfast sandwich ordered and at my dialer at 9:30am. We did three campaigns today, MM, AES and CFB all at once so we had to watch our list names. It got a bit tricky but I think I got top total at around $470 and a $20 credit card.
So far no word from Audrey’s about the stand alone Julie E. Czerneda book. The book covers on my right Blogger side bar need to be updated. I’m done with those books. What with our dollar passing the US dollar books here in Canada are going to be taking a price drop. The book I’m reading now: “Camouflage” By Joe Haldeman when I bought it October 2006 cost me $10.99. That same book today will cost me $7.99. The difference is 60% of my lunch at Taco Bell.

There’s no new progress on my website woes. Markus says they want to identify the problem and provide a patch. I think there’s a kind of a ricochet program out there that sends these kinds of scripts back to their sender so it infects their source as well. The only thing is, this malicious code might be sent from an unsuspected terminal and we wouldn’t want an innocent victim to go through what we’re going through. I mean all you do is trace the ISP number and file charges with local Law enforcement. All it means is once the problem is solved a better encryption protocol needs to be installed. They know what they’re doing. In the meantime I hope my website readers will find my Blogger blog and head over there.

So tonight we change the clocks back. We lose an hour of daylight. Right now it’s about 90% dusk out there. Winter (for me at least) officially begins at Daylight Savings time because we lose an hour of light. Same in the Spring when we gain an hour of Standard time the 2nd Sunday in March. Spring is in March.

I had a bit of a nap about 4pm for an hour. It was more or less just a rest and when I finally got to sleep Anne calls me. She’s been working since 11am-5pm. She had to go up the block to Wallmart for a few things.

I did a bsl reading jut now and I’m sitting at 6.8, which isn’t too bad.

Before I had my nap I came across something on YouTube by Joe Strummer called “The future is unwritten.” it basically in terms of film and recollection by our narrators (can’t recall their names) of the life, times and legacy of Joe Strummer. It’s in 4 parts and was pretty good. To me Joe Strummer and The Clash brought back that excitement of Rock n’ roll I had yet to experience again. The music is timeless. I’d say my favorite Clash song of all time is “Death or Glory.” DJ’s today couldn’t give it airplay because of one of the lines from the song, “He who fucks Nuns will later join the church.” As much as I dislike Rap, it’s amazing it gets any airplay at all with the fuck this and nigger that, holy geese.

Tonight I’m back to work on F. Because I’m working the extra hours this week, progress on F will be slow. Maybe 1 scene/day. I still hope to have F done by the end of this month. Once the story mechanics are worked out and the novel more or less fixed comes the creative prose. The stuff that makes the reader go, wow. Right now I’m checking my cause and effect.
Anne’s making me a Saturday night hamburger and fries. No Oiler game on this weekend. Maybe the Oil Kings play, I’m not sure.
Anyway, that’s all for now

e. Jim


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