Sunday, November 04, 2007

Late Saturday,early Sunday

After supper I fooled around with YouTube and I even got a bit of writing in.

Now it begins. Yes, we’ve got snow. But I think this round it’s not going to stay on the ground. The stay on the ground snow I predict we’ll hit this November 11th, which is 2 Sunday’s from now.

Well, the Oilers lost last night and the Eskimo’s lost in Hamilton today closing out their last regular season game. They lost 19-21. It was close but as usual, no cigar.
Okay, I got a bit of writing done this evening. I ended up doing 2 scenes. About 2,500 words more or less. I’ll get up to scene #70 sometime Sunday.

About my website. I’m not to worried about losing the website if the damage done is to severe. I feel bad about all the work I put into it going down the drain but I haven’t lost all those posts because those posts are all part of my ongoing diary anyway, so nothing was really lost except the work that went into all of this. Markus’s hard work at the menu’s and just as that was getting off the ground this happens.

If we end up losing everything I’m still staying with Markus. I’m going to start fresh if we do and start a basic site. If he’s giving up on all of this for other reasons then I’ve got 2 choices. I can go to Mark and work with his OS hosting if it’s still up and running now that I have a sure fire way to pay mark using Western Union. Or and I might just work it this way and go for Google Pages as my website and linked to Blogger for the Blog. I’ll figure out something.

Anyway, that’s all for now

e. Jim

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