Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You just
never know who your going to run into on the phone where I work.Today I came across a name that sounded familiar. Egyptian. And so I enquired to the other party as to the etymology of the word and I realized who I had on the phone. Could it be Anna? David's Anna? "Do you know a David M?" "Yes, who is this?" I identified myself and we had a grand old time chatting away about the old days. She's still with David after all these years and she said she saw Eugene about a month ago but not active in anything OTO anymore. So I have her email address and the 3 of us might get together just to go through old times. I wanted to let her know what happened to Russel.and if she knew anything about Richard. I spent a good 20 min on the phone but we agreed to meet, all three of us as she works downtown she said.

Well, the thing is that was a good news story but didn't help my evening at all. I think I had the lowest total in the room pulling in a measly $305. I beat out Doug's low total yesterday :-) I was glad to get out of there.and I caught the train home.

It was nice and mild weather coming home on the train. I got home 20 min ago.

Also, I asked Rob what's going on for Remembrance Day and we're taking Saturday off and I'll get the stat pay he said if Sat is my regular working day. Which it is and I work the day before and the Day after type thing. I then called Chapters 82nd Ave location and they are open on Saturday, the stat holiday. Good stuff. That way I can buy some more books. Chapters has a better selection then Audrey's and it's easy to get to Chapters. I take the train to the University station, take the escalator up to the street level and board any bus heading down Whyte Ave and I'm there.

Other then my total I had a pretty good night tonight.



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