Sunday, November 26, 2006

Add the gravel pill and the lack of sleep I’ve had the night before and the past couple of days, I slept for 11,5 hours. I recall going to bed at 1am right after Hogan’s Heroes. I might have stayed up to listen to Coast and it looked like Art had a pretty good show going on. By 1:30am I was asleep, I woke up at about 7:10am to do the cbi thing and in bed about 7:25am or so. I think part of the reason why I’m not sleeping well is because I’m not putting in a full day of work. Because I had all the sleep from the night before I’ll have trouble getting sleep overnight.

Last night I was spending so much time on the Fantastic fiction site I forgot about my TNA wrestling. I only realized this as I was watching the news. Shit. I was so involved preparing a special book order for Audrey’s I forgot the time. Other then specialty books on writing; Audrey’s doesn’t carry a good selection of SF books. Not like Chapters and even then their selection is small. I placed a special order on Peter F Hamilton’s “Judas unchained” and that won’t be out until the spring. For all the food it does me, I might as well special order from Chapters but I’m going to special order from Audrey’s and by my books at Chapters.

Not much on my plate for today. I’m feeling the gravel pill still in me working away. I’ll probably work on “F” some more and flesh out the main characters. There are some ideas I need to work on and the story subplots. I’ll tinker around again on my website. I added a topic “My Favorite Science fiction Villains.” Last night. I’m going to add another list on heroes soon.

Anne made us a nice brunch now she’s got a huge clean up ahead of her there. Also, if I can keep up the new work schedule I’ll have enough to qualify for the company medical plan. By the end if March if not sooner I’ll have enough to qualify. What I’d like to do for April is get my rotting teeth out and get dentures installed so I’ll have a decent summer without eye problems and teeth problems.

This weekend in Alberta has been the PC leadership election to see who will replace Ralph Kline. Nothing has been decided yet because in order for there to be a winner, the winner must have 50% of the vote. At the moment when the polls closed at 7pm last night, the front-runner had 30%. Jim Dinning is the front-runner but in all the 35+ years or so the Conservatives have been in power the PC membership has only elected 3 Premiers from Northern Alberta. Usually in these things one of the other members will through their support over to the leader or their favorite. So lets say the 2nd place winner doesn’t like the 1st place winner will put their support over to the 3rd place winner so the 1st place guy doesn’t get in. So far there are 3 winners in the first ballot and the 2nd ballot is next weekend. In order to vote all you need is a PC membership card and they’re $5 bucks each. I’ll probably go buy a membership card just to vote for an Edmonton/Northern Alberta based Premier.

Anyhow, that’s all for now..


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