Saturday, November 11, 2006

work went
rather well last night. I walked in business as usual and everything reset back to normal. I brought my cash with me to go to Chapters to get my books. Overcast about –7*C, I did $236 something like that. I caught the train to the University and a bus down Whyte Ave was waiting for me. I got off on a 105th st and crossed the street there by Canties and upstairs. Their SF section was about the same size as Audrey’s for all the good it did for me to go out there. I bought 2 books. “Grasp the Stars” by Jennifer Wingert. I made sure there it wasn’t part of a series. Then I bought “Transcendent” by Stephan Baxter. It didn’t look like a series either. I felt happy as I paid for my books and after a long wait outside I Caught the bus to the University and then after a long wait for the train I caught that out to Clairview and a wait at Clairview and home. I got in at about 10:20pm as Anne had misplaced her keys and was waiting for me for 10 min. When I got inside and got comfortable and counted my change and all I looked over my books and I got sucked in again. The “Transcendent” book is book 3 in the “Destiny’s children” series. I should have looked inside. Live and learn. So next time, I’m going to look all through the cover and back cover for any indication this is part of a series. I should have asked the clerk if it was part of a series. Live and learn. Not only that but this Chapters has escalators. 2 floors. Even the kids corner was larger then the SF section. I’d say the SF section was about 5% of their overall store. But they have a music/dvd section and Starbucks.


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