Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well I'm
back in Beta but I lost the paste feature. I wrote a journal entry and copied it into my browser and after a bit of a shaky start to get here Beta won't let me paste a good page of material from my diary. But at least I'm back to normal, more or less. I still have to go into the edit mode to change things so if your looking at this and see just a few words, it's being edited

I'm onto my first coffee of the day.

Last night around Hogan's Heroes and my lunch I took the gravel pill and by 2am I was in bed. I listened to the part of the breaking news on Coast how they tried Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity. He will hang. When that will be, I have no idea.People are saying the Sunni's will rebel but I think after the aftermath of all this, it will be business as usual.

I got up around 7am and did a quick cbi thing and read a bit more on Bickham. I learned how and where to change viewpoint characters in a scene. Some excellent stuff. That kept me up thinking for awhile but I fel asleep about 8:30am and woke up shortly around noon. So I had a good 8 hours sleep.

Other then that, not much is going on.

e. Jim

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