Sunday, November 12, 2006

We went
to bed about 2am and listened to a bit of Coast. Art Bell made an interesting announcement from a news article that scientists have been able to restore sight in mice and has nothing to do with Stem cell research but the treatment won’t be ready for another decade so Art read from the report. I read the report as well and it didn’t give a timetable for when transplanting cells can be used in humans with eye disease. Stem cells could play a part in this later on of course. But I would say Art’s Timetable for when this could be available for humans is at least 10 years away. I’d say sooner.

Anyway, Anne and I shared a beer and I was asleep by about 3:30am and passed out. I woke up at 6am and went back to bed. I think I got p just before noon and watched the Oiler game, I think a brief break from that to answer Markus’s emails. There’s a good chance that I will be moving away from Blogger because I want a website and a blog all in one presence. Plus the tech support is better. So I returned to the Oiler game and had a nice egg benedict brunch watched the Oilers lose. After that I watched the West CFL semi finale Saskatchewan at BC Lions. It was all BC. So it will be BC at Montreal for the Grey Cup next weekend.

Anyway that’s been my afternoon. It’s been mostly sports. Hockey at noon and football after that, it’s been a good day what with that marathon writing day yesterday. I’m up to scene #62 now and on the way to finishing up the outline. Then I’ve got to work on character sheets for the characters. I won’t be ready to write this thing until Jan. 1st anyhow. That’s a long weekend.

If I do decide to go put the website up and move away from blogger it wont be until the New Year anyway. I’m considering a Wordpress template and I won’t need to worry about any FTP. What I will probably end up doing is making an announcement on my blogger site and provide the new address as my last blogger post. If I can.

There’s also the possibility I have the early stages of macular degeneration and I won’t know for certain until next Monday on the 20th. But in the event I do, and I will be losing my vision central vision, I can still use my computer. Widows has, Jaws for those with vision problems like mine. I can answer and compose email etc even though it’s brail supported. I can probably use a brail keyboard and with speech recognition software, I can still use MS Office and it’s applications. So I want to set the website up ASAP before (if) I do have MD. Again, I won’t no for sure until the 20th. But if this is just something they can do with lasers and its just scar tissue on the membrane then I’ll be okay. I hope.

There are lots of things to consider and at the same time I don’t want to take on a major project like a website that will tie up a lot of my resources. Not like $100 bucks a year is a big deal. But I’ve got to consider the real possibility that I could be going blind. Even MD is not total blindness. If I can see peripheral vision blurriness like I have now maybe I can live with that. And wait 10 years for the possibility that the treatment for restoring sight may be available in my lifetime? And on it goes. The other thing I think I have is posterior capsular haze and this happens to about 40% of cataract patients months or even years after and this what I think I have. The reason why I think I have this pch is because MD is an eye disease that is genetic or related to aging. Other factors play into it as well such as smoking diet etc. The reason why my Doctor sent me to the retina specialist was because he couldn’t see back there inside the retina because (I think) it has to do with this pch thing. Also being diabetic might play a roll in MD as well nut diabetes is not in my family.

Anyhow that’s all for now.


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