Saturday, November 04, 2006

We had
a rough ride into work my wife and I. We had a bit of o a blow up and it got ugly there for a bit but I went to work and got my cheque and put my 3.5 hours in. I walked up to where my wife works and I handed her my pay cheque. We;re all right now.

Big trouble with the Oilers last night and the referee. The Oilers thought they had tied the game up at 3 against Dallas and the goal was dissallowed. The fans were livid. But later on the ref apologize for the miscall. Oh well sh$t happens. Lots of people over reacted.

I had a nice lunch and Anne got the bus pass and I have enough to get myself that little breakfast treat.

So I'm up unable to sleep. That;s what I don't like about going in on Saturdays. Anyway, I saw my bank and I made bonus again bringing in $2,300 for the week, Not bad part time. So, I'lll geet a bank bonus for that.

Next week I want to work the extra hours and save up enough for a cell phone.

Thanks everyone for putting up with me. This format here is only temporary until I get my other computer back online but before that happens, I'm stuck with this.

I'm still working on the outline for "F" and I'm getting some good stuff as the story is slowly taking shape. I think I should be ready to write this Dec 1st. If I Can hold the goal to 10K/week, I'll have the first draft completed by the end of Jan. More later today.


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