Monday, November 27, 2006

we braved
the cold weather and walked down to Clairview, very cold out there. After a bit of a wait we had a cold walk to the office and inside upstairs. We didn’t get to see my Doctor until about 40 min later and I had

drops in my eyes he made some scans and I have the yag booked for Jan 10th which is on a Wednesday. I could have had it this Wednesday but it was too late. My vision should be about the same until then. It’s a day in day out kind of thing and he’s going to do both eyes at the same time.

So we braved the elements again and stepped outside and headed to Tim Horton’s and got a coffee. The train came by right away and after a brief wait inside the bus shelter at Clairview our bus came by and I got off the stop just behind Future Shop. I didn’t have enough for the David Byrne CD I wanted but next time. I checked on the memory card readers, $30 bucks. Good to know. I checked on their laptops and they’ve got some nice systems up and running for just under a grand. Beauties. Then I thought to ask tech support about the current state of my Compaq and he said bring it, they’ll scan for hard drive damages if they can salvage anything they’ll do it for $40 bucks. So, I’ll save this $20 and if I get another one this Friday, I’ll take the machine in and get it serviced if the tech guy can save all my files then great, what a relief, What I could really use then is a KV switch so I can hook up booth computers. Use the W98 machine for writing and the Xp machine for research. But as for the laptop I wont be ready to by until this time next year.

e. Jim

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