Thursday, November 09, 2006

That kid
upstairs is still at it. Like a fucking wind up toy, you think I can get any sleep around here with that racket going on? It's not really their fault though because just before they moved in above and the older couple moving out the caretakers put in a sub floor in their suite. Whatever that means. JT knows more about that then me but the people upstairs don't know this. I think it's a tactic to get us to move out because we've been here so long and they can come in gut the place and up the rent by a couple of hundred bucks. We've been here for over 10 years and me here for 6 and we barely heard a peep from the couple upstairs until the family with a toddler moved in.

The reason why 2 days are missing from my journal is because I bloged my journal. For some reason Bloger/betta wont let me paste onto the compose area. It changes all the time of course. I don’t see any real value in blogger beta personally. They didn’t really improve it much. Okay I can past now but I get this space between the date and my title in blue.

Anyway, I didn’t go to bed right away. I turned in about 5am after the cbi thing. I wanted to work on “F” some more is what kept me up until 5am. I slept until 9am when that brat upstairs began running around all over the place Anne and I getting up a few times to go to the bathroom and the cats roaming around.

Anyways I’m onto my first cup of coffee.

My wife got her pay today and I’ll get mine later. Plus we had that GST cheaque that came in handy. So that’s $600 or so just this week alone. Not bad.

I was also up looking in Fantastic fiction around 4am as well to find some books I’d be interested in over there at Chapters. After I post this, I’ll be browsing in that and calling Chapters from work and asking them about titles. I’m very picky about my SF reading preferences. I don’t like series. I don’t particularly like military fiction. I don’t particularly like hard sf. I don’t like young adult, I don’t like alternate earth history novels. I don’t like SF comedy. I also don’t like long SF as well. The longest book I’ve read this year has been Robert J Sawyer’s mindscan. I’m currently reading Neal Asher’s Gridlinked. Not much dialogue in it but it is fast paced and I'm enjoying it. So, I’m rather picky on what I like to read.

Anyway, that’s all for now so for any typos as I'm still trying to get a handle on Beta and of course my vision woes.


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