Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Still reeling

from the best possible outcome from yesterday’s doctor appointment with the specialist. It feels real good knowing that I don’t have MD and there is no diabetic damage to the retina.. Before the year s out I’ll have my vision restored and back to normal.

Last night I was in bed by 1:30am. I slept and barely heard Anne come in. I clocked her coming into bed just before 3am. I passed out and slept until 7am. So I got 6.5 hours from that. I stayed up a bit after the CBI thing and worked a bit more on “F” and reading a bit more on Marshal. I need a book on subplots. I know what they are and their purpose I just don’t know how many per viewpoint characters. Is a VP character it’s own subplot? Is that all a VP character is for is to advance the subplot? I don’t think so. I tinkered around with this for a while and about 7:40am I went back to bed and slept until 11:20am. That’s another 3 hours 20 min. So I’d say about 10 hours al in all, to make up for yesterday.

Not much on my plate today. I’ll be tinkering around with “F” and then Anne and I will go into work and JT and I will be listening to the Oilers at Recall Place Hockey game. They are hosting Calgary tonight and the Flames have been on a 7 game winning streak now. The Oilers are sitting at 21 points on the season and 4 points away from Calgary under the play off cut. So any night the Oilers play Calgary is an important night. And the City will be adding extra cars onto the trains as well. Wuu whoo.

Pardon me here if I get into the philosophical rant/mode here but over the weekend we’ve had 2 murders by knife stabbing and the same guy that looked like he stabbed one guy in a Whyte Ave bar stopped a truck at an intersection pulled the drive’s door opened it and stabbed him and drove off in his truck. Then there was another tragic stabbing of a 17 year old having a private birthday party at a community hall and 4 knife-packing teens killed the kid and took off. There was another stabbing in the City as well over the weekend. These make it Edmonton’s 34th homicide of the year. What’s gotten into this City anyhow? Just about every weekend someone is getting killed. I know what the problem is. One common denominator is responsible for it all.

But I’ll leave it at that.


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