Saturday, November 25, 2006

okay, I
done all my cbi and shower.. I just got to pack my thing sup and get my coffee before I’m ready to head out the door. I don’t mind heading out to work this morning. I went to bed about 3am and I got up at a bit after 7am, so I had a good 4 hours sleep. I’m okay to go for the day. I think what I’ll do because Anne needs the bus pass to do her thing this afternoon, is I’ll go over to Audrey’s see if they have what I’m looking for and then down to Money mart. I want to check on some banking services but that’s another story. Then I’ll come home.

Early this morning I figured out how to add Amazon book images to my sidebar. I think I might place it over by the other side of the main page because that side is getting to busy. I already have “currently reading” and coming up next. Since I took out the wip bars it seems like “Books I recommend” should be on the other side. “Or recommended reading.” I also want to have a recommended listening as well.

Anyway, it’s –23/31 out there. So I’m not looking forward to that 10 min wait or so in the cold. That’s the only thing I’m not looking forward to doing this morning but once that bus comes by, then fine. I’ll go over to Tim’s get the staff donuts and then I’ll get myself a breakfast sandwich walk across that frozen parking lot and into that warm office for 4 hours. Then I’ll do my stuff after work and come home for a couple of hours of sleep while Anne is out doing her thing.

Oh the Oilers won as well last night, 5-1. Good job guys.

Don't think I'll have enough time to move this over to my website this morning. Later when I come home and grab some sleep.

That’s all for now.


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