Friday, November 17, 2006

Ok, I got
up just before 6am and did the cbi thing. I answered Markus’s 2 email and shut off the computer and went to bed, I think I got maybe 4 hours of sleep in after that, I’m alright for now. I won't post my big adventure from yesterday here but you can read it on my other Blog titled "What a day" as I slowly phase out of Blogger.

Anyway I’m onto my first coffee for the day.

I’ll be going into work on my regular time with my wife and after work I’m heading over to Chapters and picking up a couple of books. There SF selection is a bit better the Audrey’s but not by much. Of course Audrey’s mixes their SF with Fantasy and their 2 different genres in my opinion. Fantasy (Lord of the Rings) is not Science fiction or even speculative science fiction. Some even think Star Wars is a Fantasy. Not. So, I’ll be going over to Chapters and maybe pick up the first 2 books in Stephan Baxter’s “Destiny’s Children” series or possibly try out Julie Czerneda’s books. Nut if I’m going to get series I’d rather start the series from the first book not pick up something in the middle like I did with Baxter. But I really prefer stand-alone novels. Any author will say oh they can be enjoyed as a stand- alone book, (sucks you into buying the series,) Another thing I don’t care for as far a retail stores go, is that they don’t stock older works. Like, I’d be very surprised if Chapters has anything by Clifford D Simak or Andre Norton. One thing I like about Audrey’s is they at least can special order for you at $1 more/book. But I’m going to Chapters tonight to see if they have that Clash on Broadway CD there. There’s a used cd place just down from where my wife works and I can get used CD’s there. But I’d be surprised that Chapters even has it at all, if they do. I doubt it but we’ll see.


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