Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now, I went
to bed by 3am and asleep by about 3:30am. I woke up to use the bathroom and noticed it was around 5am, so I did a rush cbi thing and went strait to bed. I slept from just after 5am to about 10am and I dozed off here and there after that. I think I got 7 hours sleep. Maybe.

I read a lot of Bickham last night and ignored Coast.

Coffee time and I’m running low on coffee here but I get paid Friday and I’ve got enough to last me until then.

Speaking about coffee, I pass by Tim Horton’s every day going into work. Or Tim’s as we call them here. A great Canadian success story. That’s where on Saturday mornings I pick up the staff donuts from Mike's $20 he hands me the night before. But they’ve been promoting their breakfast menu lately and they’ve got this sausage/egg/cheese, McMuffin thingy on a biscuit type bun. I’ve been wanting to pick one up but they don’t have any hash browns. I could go to Burger king across the street and pick up their little tater tots but they’d get cold fast by the time I brought them into the office. I don’t like BK much at all. McDonalds about the same gets a thumbs down from me. Except their breakfast menu. Though McD’s fries are the best fast food fries out there. I like Wendy's and Harvey's though.
But since I go by Tim’s the next time I go by there when I have any cash, I’ll pick one up.

I’m excited about seeing the latest James Bond, Daniel Craig looks pretty good as the new Bond. But I liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond, best of them all. Better then Moore. I found Brosnan was tough yet showed a soft human frailty about him in the bond character he played. Brosnan's Bond was not always a super spy and had more human characterization about him. But Craig looks pretty good. I thought they were going to cast Rupert Everett as the new Bond. I’ve seen him act as Sherlock Holmes and he did an excellent job. But the best Holmes Actor was Jeremy Brett. He had a style of grace and arrogance about him I liked. Too bad he passed away. Holmes and Bond are two of my favorite fictional characters because of their specific place and time and I can identify with both of them for some reasons I can't explain. Place wise more so of Bond then Holmes because Bond is really all over the place. So, if I have my vision restored I’ll be seeing the New James Bond film as soon as it comes to the dollar theater. Probably in the Spring.

Speaking of movies and such, I think a first run movie here in Canada is something like $12 bucks. That’s incredible. I can recall vividly paying $5,50 for a movie back in 1983 when I watched “Return of the Jedi” at the Jasper Theater. I paid for myself, Charles and Ellen and Helga. $22.50. I was looking at the ticket in my old diary at the time recently. I had just moved into Trudy’s basement suite about a mile south of the theater on the same street. Hard to believe that was 23 years ago here in Edmonton. I was 31. Of course min wages at that time here in Alberta were still $4.50/hour. Now it’s $7 but very few places if they want to keep employees will pay $7. Even our place starts people off at $8. Even then $8/hour is peanuts. Most people can’t even live off of that. I make a bit more then $8/hour but not by much. Still, movie ticket prices seem to reflect the hourly wage of the times. Well for me at least. Still $12 bucks a ticket is pretty high for a movie ticket.

Speaking of wages here in Alberta on my way home last night on the crowded train I heard some 20 something year old with his buddy talking on his cell phone about his job and how he’s getting $13/hour. Most call center firms start people off at $10 bucks an hour.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.


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