Monday, November 27, 2006

My vision
is progressively becoming more and more hazy but that’s why I’m going over to see my Doctor today anyway. Most likely to give me a yag orientation and finale yag scans. I’d like to go in for it today but I don’t suspect it’s going to happen until next week about this time.

Having my first coffee of the day here.

Currently it’s –23/33. That’s cold. Last year, our winter never really hit us until after January. Even then we hadn’t got up to –20 during the day like it is now. It’s supposed to warm up but then we got that windchill, so even a –3 could have a windchill making it feel like –12* and that’s cold enough as it is. I think we’re in for a couple of days of Chinooks next month but for the most part, this winter kind of reminds me of back in 1979.

Anne and I are going out to brave the cold winter in a couple of hours. I’m going to wake her at 1pm so we can get ready to leave out of here at 2pm. I want to be in that office at 2:35pm. I’ve got some anxiety over this stage of my vision woes. I wish I could stay inside all afternoon but I’ve got to get this thing done.

Last night I worked some more on the extension scenes for “F” and I like what I got, some good stuff developing there. I completed the middle. Now I’m going onto the end. I’m also going to use some tricks I learned from Bickham and Swain, I’ve got 112 scenes and the work should be 144k. I’ll be in full writing mode Jan first. I’m also excited about the next novel project after this one. “MF” But I’ll probably finish “F” about the end of March. Then I should have “MF” outlined out by the time I finish “F” and I’ll start “MF” right after “F”, “MF” will have about the same number of scenes and if all goes well, I’ll be in the 2nd rewrite stage when “MF” is done. “MF” should be completed by about the end of June. I’m going to do about 2 more drafts of “F” and the ms both “F” and “MF” should be ready to market by this time next year. Nut I’m going to write a few short stories as well and send them out. Last time I looked “Crosshairs” had over 125 views. I don’t know what the number of views is now or even if the story is still up on the site.

But that’s all for now..


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